Energy efficient & environmentally friendly. Transportable homes with a difference.

Environmentally friendly

When you choose Classic for your transportable home, you can rest assured all materials and processes are as friendly to the environment as it’s possible to be. We believe in renewable resources and a sustainable future.

Only timber

The benefits of building with timber are too many to mention. From carbon dioxide absorption and sustainability, to saving costs and cultivating conservation, wood is where it’s at. Classic only build timber transportable homes.

Energy efficient

Save money and reduce emissions. All Classic Style re-locatable homes are designed with big energy efficiencies and small carbon footprints as a priority. If there’s a way to do things a better way, we’ve found it.


If the environment is important to you, choose Classic and you’re guaranteed the very best green credentials. Among our many initiatives is an active membership in “GreenSmart”, an industry association devoted to the pursuit of environmentally responsible housing.

Contact us today for a chat about your new relocatable home. We’d love to hear from you.